Thursday, February 14 2013


in college i took a creative writing class where we had to write a poem about a work of art. i wrote this one after van gogh’s “long grass with butterflies” and it ended up being published in a poetry book. st. rémy is the institution van gogh was in for several months. this painting was made shortly before he left the asylum.

After Long Grass With Butterflies by Van Gogh

When I woke up, I saw,
I see Arles differently today.

I will never come back
to white walls,
I will never look out
over gardens left fallow,
my arms will never hang out
of bars over windows,
reaching towards grasses
too heavy to stand straight.

I imagined myself prone
face-up in the field, squinting
in sunlight.
My body lay warm and bright
in the yellow grass that twisted
back in the wind-song,
bowing over my arms and legs.
I close my eyes and saw
Provence, I walked through
rows of lavender, I had been

When I woke up, I saw
the white walls, I heard
the grasses moving wildly
against one another in
the garden.

Soon every living thing here
will be missing from me, I
will be missing from them,
I will be gone, St. Rémy,
I will lay face-up
in yellow grasses
and twine the fingers
of my rough hands together
making warmth
where no warmth was before.

Robin is amazing.

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