The concession that the day may
never come when Love rings true
or rushes in
deus ex machina

and that I am a child still, puffy
pillow-faced and
need only for what I want

But thirty years have passed.
I have known you my whole life as I have
known the weight of my own blood

I have memories written and lived again
in frames of printed posterity
But there is only one truth
one outcome
the only vote that counts

We have spent our lives fighting it already
the dark blanket I will never let you sleep in
though I have seen myself have beg for it

Now I pine for those times so I
might tie them to the pyre

I seek out pockets of life in the mirage
some endless soul bond
but end up the same,
parked back in that space
unmatched and still hungry

Watch me wait to be saved
by some lover who can
make me whole in this place
as if the skies will open
as if I’d recognize the face