Haiku 1

Haiku Project, Part I

I can’t sit still to
this very day, let me
prove it to us both

Music sits heavy
On the corners of the day
Turn it up or off

Couldn’t remember
the band who sang Halloween
It was Ministry

I wrote you letters
Then hid them around the room
Where you can’t find them

There is a warm home
in you, where you left the shades
drawn so I wander

Further still in time
We have met before and will
Surely meet again

Haiku Project, Part II

It’s going to rain
I haven’t looked outside but
I can just feel it

Some days are noisy
Some nights, radio silence
Some dreams you sleep for

It’s dawn in Iceland
Will the sun come up today
Or are we the same

I have an island
I keep for emergencies
Lost coordinates

Kept quiet today
I’ll never be ungrateful
There’s always TV

Haiku Project, Part III

Melody woke me
“I’m sorry about the moon”
were the song’s first lines

I used to love it
Words like that are for sad teens
I’m optimistic

Tonight, looked outside
This one is waning gibbous
I wish I could sleep

Not so long ago
in the Reagan days I was
born on a full moon

If I am lucky
I will hear the birthday song
In about two weeks

Haiku Project IV

I can see winter
over the ledge, can
we walk in the snow

on a weekend when
the drifts are crashing waves and
the streets are empty

Haiku Project, Part V

Snow turns blue at dusk
Does that moon mean anything
Will it always change

I am not wiser
But I’ve learned to close my mouth
and wait quietly 

I am grateful for
everyone and everything
I’m only here now

I can’t watch the news
My country is a psych ward
and what can I do

I have decided
that I’ll love you forever
with or without time

Haiku Project, Part VI

When I live alone
do you think I’ll go out more
or watch less TV

Can I see the moon
from any given window
or just the neighbors

There are still letters
underneath the mattress here
I’ll take them with me

I think it’s rained for
a month straight I still hear drops
on the window pane

Got you a donut
It stayed with me all day long
I just had a bite

We get more done when
we let go of anxious thoughts
I watch me from here

It’s like I told you
there’s always more to let go
unless you flatten

Out go the white lights
See them in dreams and on drives
Nothing hurts today

Haiku Project, Part VII

If there is a way
Let me seep into the air
Sing my body home 

I have no weapon
In dreams we were all happy
I don’t sleep lately 

Toast to something good
This could be anyone’s year
Or for auld lang syne

Haiku Project, Part VIII

I don’t set my watch
to anything and lately
I sleep much too late

We only feel new
a few times once we’re alive
The wave always breaks

Do not know you now
Traded calm for memories
There was good somewhere

I am qualified
To waste all your precious days
We’re still almost young

But with a whimper
Is what I am banking on
There is no real end

Thick summertime air
Give me a chance to forge on
There’s a place for me